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Evidence doesn’t lie…
but it can be overlooked or undiscovered.

Mr. Brennan’s sole focus is on the resolution to any investigation he accepts, as defined by the facts and truth to what occurred. Ken’s diligence and ability to put the pieces together and follow the evidence, wherever it leads, in cases that seem unsolvable are the hallmarks of his successful pursuit of justice on behalf of our clients and the victims they represent.
  • Over thirty-five years experience in law enforcement and private investigation.
  • Former Suffolk County, NY Police Officer and Certified Police Instructor.
  • Former DEA Special Agent and DEA Firearms Training Instructor.
  • The focus of Mr. Brennan’s work is on cold case homicides.
  • We also specialize in missing persons, criminal investigations, parental kidnappings, asset investigations, insurance fraud, security and threat assessments, corporate and personal electronic sweeps and armed protection.
  • Global, National and Statewide services.

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